Ayurveda- Hyperpigmentation

Ayurveda- Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is also called as Blemishes, freckles and dark spots. It mainly occurs due to uneven accumulation of melanin pigments in the epidermis area of the skin. Exposure to sunlight with high ultraviolet rays, chronic burns or inflammation and aging factors are reasons for increased hyperpigmentation as well. This can be very much controlled by Ayurveda.

However, proper diagnosis of hyperpigmentation is very important before the treatment. Lack of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, good protien and hormonal balance is required for the treatment of hyperpigmentation. So starting from liver treatment, blood purification to skin cleansing treatment, all are to be done step by step. Depending on the age of the patients and causes, Ayurveda takes complete care of Hyperpigmentation. Having medicinal herbs such as Lotus seeds and petals, Arjuna, Red Sandalwood, Turmeric, Saffron and grass juice in the oral and local applications in the appropriate formulas and combinations, we get effective results.

Moreover, complete Pancha Karma treatment helps in hyperpigmentation within less than 7 days under indoor therapies. A rejuvenating and refreshing experience with a glowing skin is a dream for everyone. Why not? Please feel free to email us for more information at doctor@ayurvedagroup.com or call us at 1.407.965.5473.
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Ayurveda- Hyperpigmentation

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Ayurveda- Hyperpigmentation
Ayurveda- Hyperpigmentation

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  1. Dear Robyn
    Responding to your query submitted on our website reg. hyperpigmentation.
    Please send some clarification on the following questions –
    1) Your height and weight
    2) Since when do you have the hyperpigmentation ?
    3) Have you taken any laser treatment for this ?
    4) Have you tried using any local applications – such as lemon juice, cucumber juice, etc. ?


    Dr. Komal Mathur
    Ayurveda Group.


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